This is the first instalment of the new bi-weekly prose series, THE MISADVENTURES OF SPARTACUS MURPHY.

This new, on-going tale follows the shenanigans of Spartacus Murphy Jr, an English student who has come over to Northern Ireland to study History at university. The gentleman sir can best be described as a nice Made in Chelsea student who only wants to help out in anyway he can.

This first instalment should give you a taste of the main characters involved in the series as well as give you an idea of the style the story will have: an over-the-top, ridiculous portrayal of university life.

Do not make the mistake, though, that this series is story fodder. I’ll, eventually deal with student issues like debt, dodgy landlords, course-demands and peer-pressure on the partying circuit. To kick the deep streak off, watch out for Murphy in this instalment. How can the Gentleman Sir get VIP club passes like magic?

But enough talk, have a wee read at the story and tell me whether it hits the spot, whether there still needs to be work done, whether you want to see more and general comments/suggestions.

Just as Charles Foster Kane made a declaration of principles in the classic Citizen Kane, so shall I declare that:

I will provide the studentry with a bi-weekly  story that will enthrall and entertain by putting bant into the university experience.

Just remember everyone, at the end of all of this; Spartacus Murphy WILL Dazzle your Frazzle.

Sparticus Murphy Issue _001 [Final]



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