NUS report mirrors LANDLORD WARS

The National Union of Students recently released a report into the horrifying extent of student accommodation into the UK. Disgruntlement with landlords and letting agencies, ridiculous repair waiting times, stolen deposits and unsanitary houses were all reported.
For the past two months, though, LANDLORD WARS has been directly dealing with those issues. It may not align exactly with reality, but to see your creation mirroring the happenings of the real world shows the issues the series deals with must exist.
LANDLORD WARS will continue to reflect the dodgy housing situation students WILL face. Even though it may do that in an exaggerated fashion, with plenty of toilet humour and type-cast stereotypes, I will vow to show this problem for what it is; a modern tragedy.
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Who ha! We have nearly reached the half-way point of the 10 part story LANDLORD WARS. By this stage in the game, I hope you are enjoying the story and the issues it tries to address. If you are not, or if you feel there’s aspects of the story that can be improved, then drop me a line. I am always on the look-out for constructive feedback.
In my eyes, this instalment is an interesting one as I’ve included a valid psychological concept into it; SENSATION SEEKING.
If there are any psychologists or psychology students reading this, I would very much love to hear how you thought the concept was handled. But, without further ado, here is the latest Murphy:
Landlord Wars 4