You may have recently heard about the ‘El Divino’ incident this week. For anyone who doesn’t know, the incident was a picture placed online where, apparently, students were riding outside a Belfast nightclub. As with everything online, the picture went viral and was beamed around the country.
Just to clarify, ‘El D’ (as the club is known) is absolutely qack. The clientele (I am told) are stinkin’, the d├ęcor is blah and the music is brain-numbingly bad. Many people who are funnier than I haven’t been surprised at all that this has happened outside El D.
However, last night the story got interesting. The guy who took the picture – a Jah Campbell – uploaded a picture onto Facebook showing, according to him, that the students were not in fact recreating the North West 200 in a Belfast Car Park, but were rather just mucking about.
I don’t know who’s right. Perhaps Unilad flaunted the wrong story because – fast running out of pieces on football and female private parts – the site latched onto anything half-decent that would draw-in web traffic. On the other hand, perhaps Jah is only writing this reactionary post because, if he doesn’t, his photographed mates are going to get him. I don’t know and I’m not going to go looking for the truth.
But yet, the almost Draconian backlash against this picture brought a point home to me. Nightclubs and nightlife are despised for bringing on this type of behaviour. Vile, orgy, primitive and visceral actions are all thought to be caused by these establishments in the eyes of many people.
The youth meanwhile, represented by Jah here, say the exact opposite. They say many people just want to enjoy themselves and not get dicked-on by an establishment who are only seeing a selective perception of the industry.
This clash of perception WILL be addressed in CLUB LUNA, the next Spartacus Murphy tale I’m writing at the moment. With this entire series, I want to address issues which are affecting students RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE. LUNA will try to make sense of stories like the above and ask a pretty big question: what the hell’s the point of clubs?

(Here’s Jah post – BTW: