In this latest instalment of the gentleman student misadventures, Spartacus Murphy pulls at Belfast’s newest nightclub; LUNAR. This highlight of any hot-bloodied male’s night out is described in exacting detail. Read-on to discover how intense the experience is……


NUS report mirrors LANDLORD WARS

The National Union of Students recently released a report into the horrifying extent of student accommodation into the UK. Disgruntlement with landlords and letting agencies, ridiculous repair waiting times, stolen deposits and unsanitary houses were all reported.
For the past two months, though, LANDLORD WARS has been directly dealing with those issues. It may not align exactly with reality, but to see your creation mirroring the happenings of the real world shows the issues the series deals with must exist.
LANDLORD WARS will continue to reflect the dodgy housing situation students WILL face. Even though it may do that in an exaggerated fashion, with plenty of toilet humour and type-cast stereotypes, I will vow to show this problem for what it is; a modern tragedy.
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It is finally here. The first part to the 10 part story that tackles the murky world of renting student housing lands with a bang on the blog sphere. Judas Logan, the most evil landlord imaginable, arrives to steal the students of Belfast’s deposits, Wishing to emulate the image of the Gentleman, Spartacus Murphy enters the fray to steal the money back and save the day.
As this is the biggest story I have tackled yet, I want two things from YOU, the readers. One; is there any absolutely horrible stories you have experienced at the hands of an inept laqndlord? And two; are you liking the recent misadventures of the Gentleman Student? Is there anything you want to see more of, or less of? Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Without further ado, I’ll let Murphy do what he’s came here to do. Good Sir, please take the stage…….


After 7 physical and digital instalments, a blog and a Facebook page later my designer, Atticus J Smith, has gratefully collected the current entourage of Spartacus Murphy instalments into one beast of a compilation! If you ever suffer boredom or dismay over this revision season then, please, check this out to alleviate your pains! And as for those of you who might have caught one or two instalments of the Gentleman Student but may not know which order they came in, then this collection should clear things up for you.
And, for formality sake, Happy New Year! May Murphy’s shenanigans start the New Year off in sparkling fashion!



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Apologies, apologies, apologies everyone. The latest frazzling instalment of THE MISADVENTURES OF SPARTACUS MURPHY, which you see before, should’ve been flashing its credentials two days ago, on Monday. I am sincerely sorry for that, real life has a bad habit of messing my plans up like that.

But that is in the past, which we can’t change. So let’s forget about the muddy, regretful past, and instead focus on the bright, embracing present. Have a read at this instalment and, as ever, TELL ME what you think of it.

Hope you enjoy it y’all. Sandsy is outta here……

spartacus murphy issue 4