After a sustained hiatus involving assignments, dissertations, theses, exams and too many cans of Boost (during which the co-creators of this sage discovered the true meaning of fear) , the final Club Lunar instalment is here!
From now until the end of the QUB academic year, the last Murphy series will be published – THE ABSTINENCE LEAGUE. This was the first story I devised when the idea for Spartacus Murphy came skipping into my mind. As such I hope it will be the best series yet. Expect plenty of civil disobedience, social psychological research and a reflection on what the point of university was.
This instalment will directly lead on to The Abstinence League. The dilemma that Murphy faces will frame the last remaining stories. May you enjoy the ride while it lasts!

Lunar 4



In this latest instalment of the gentleman student misadventures, Spartacus Murphy pulls at Belfast’s newest nightclub; LUNAR. This highlight of any hot-bloodied male’s night out is described in exacting detail. Read-on to discover how intense the experience is……


Dear passers by, sorry for neglecting you for so long. Two summer jobs and a severely low motivational level meant that this website was unattended to over the summer. I am sorry for such fickle behaviour.
Tell you what; how about I make it up to you? Perhaps I could right my wrongs by delivering a frazzling first instalment of a new Spartacus Murphy series?
Interested? It’s about a new nightclub – CLUB LUNAR – opening in Belfast to coincide with the yearly Freshers season. A frantic couple of weeks every year in September when university students move out of their parents house and get robbed-blind by scrupulous nightclubs, bars and off-licenses. The specific method LUNAR use to ensnare their unsuspecting victims is truly maniacal…..
I hope you enjoy the instalment!



Over at the TAB BELFAST a poll is taking place to discern Belfast’s worst night out. This is quite a coincidence as this September a new bi-weekly Spartacus Murphy series will commence. CLUB LUNA follows Murphy’s court as they make Luna, Belfast’s newest and greatest club, their weekly arena for small talk, intoxication and mating. Luna will aim to be the best club in town by doing everything right: unlike the clubs The Tab have earmarked for naming and shaming.


Here it is folks, the frazzling fifth instalment of this latest project of mine, THE MISADVENTURES OF SPARTACUS MURPHY.

I want this to be the instalment that gets people talking. Who is this upstart student author who is trying to come to terms with what, exactly, the student experience is? Why do students take the plunge into uni life when their situation may not be that much different post-graduation? Is it a societal norm? A school pressure? A way to have fun for three years? Over the course of the series, I want to answer those questions.

But without further ado, I give you; THE LAD PART 2. May your gaze inside this story of mine and be awed by its power…….

spartacus murphy issue 5