Q-CON 2014

From the 20th to 22nd of June, myself and one of my best mates Steven Donnelly (who is a local punk musician) manned a stall at the 21st Q-Con. Situated in the QUB Student’s Union, I am elevated to report that we managed to sell all of the 70 volumes of stories we printed out for the con! In case you were interested, we printed 35 sets of the first volume of Murphy stories (which can be found for free here) and 35 sets of the second volume of stories – LANDLORD WARS. The online edition that collects all the LANDLORD WARS stories will be uploaded in the next couple of days.
Myself and Steven (who is officially the best salesperson in the country) would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who either bought or showed interest in the series! We hope that you have enjoyed the goodies.
Enclosed below are a snippet of pictures taken at the Con. This was the first ever time we had manned a stall so please forgive us for lack of images. Next year I promise you we will amass a mountain of these beauties.



May it be known that THE MISADVENTURES OF SPARTACUS MURPHY will have a dedicated stall at the 21st incarnation of Q-Con! We shall be located on the Artists Alley, a segment of the Con found on the second floor of the Student’s Union building. If you want a chance to see the entirety of the series so far in physical form, come-on down!